FAQ's and Scanning Tips


Can the QR code be scanned forever?

Yes, the QR code can be scanned as many times as you like and will always show your special multimedia message.

Which item pieces can I have a QR code engraved on?

As much as we would love to have all our items engravable, it's just not possible. The only items we can engrave your special QR code on is the "engravable" collection.

How does the the recording process work?

When you are on your product page, ensure you select on the "Add a video message to QR code" option before adding your item/s to your cart and checking out. 

Once you check out and purchase your item, the option to record/upload your multimedia message will appear after payment has been made. 

You'll also receive an email after payment which takes you to the recording page. 

How do I scan my multimedia message on my phone?

Using your phone camera, scan your unique QR code on your jewel. Your multimedia message will then pop up and be ready for viewing! 

How many engravable products can I purchase in one transaction?

You can engrave one item with a unique memory/QR code at a time. If you wish to order more than one engravable item, you will need to create separate transactions to generate separate QR codes.

What multimedia options does Sound Jewels provide to upload my memory?

You are able to upload a special voice message, video or a compiled photo slide upon check out.

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